Devin Johnson



My practice explores physical and conceptual forces which are either naturally imperceptible by humans or have been purposefully concealed from them. These include physical entities such as cosmic rays and elementary particles which are constantly moving through humans, to intangible concepts such as marketing propaganda deployed against humans. I utilize the art creation process as a methodology for my own research, and as a vehicle to deploy mechanisms which transmute these unseen forces into the tangible and perceptible.

I find the ‘Ah-Ha!’ moment of understanding, when an idea catalyzes for the first time into a clear concept, to be greatly rewarding. I aim to create works which invite viewer investigation and conversation in an attempt to elicit that same ‘Ah-Ha!’



Born in Denver, CO, 1986
Lives & Works in Denver

Devin Johnson is a Colorado based artist working in photography, new media installation, video, and performance.

Son to an architect father and dance studio owner mother, Devin spent his childhood backstage at performances and on construction sites, fueling a deep curiosity in what lies beneath. This inquisitiveness greatly influences his art practice, whereby he seeks to make visible and interactive things that are normally obfuscated or imperceptible, such as quantum randomness, cosmic particles, and marketing propaganda.

Devin studied at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design and continues learning as a diligent autodidact.



What’s something crazy you’d do in a heartbeat?
Ride a rocket into space.

If you had a blank sheet of paper, and anything you wrote down on it came true, what would you write?
‘I instantaneously will have complete theoretical and operational knowledge of an elegant, scalable, and easily implementable (with current technology) solution to entropy.’

What was your most recent trip of more than 50 miles?
Back to Denver from Reno after Burning Man.

What will finally break the internet?
A coronal mass ejection hitting earth.

If you were given a one-minute ad slot during the Super Bowl that you couldn’t sell, what would you fill it with?
I’d use it to promote scientific literacy by screaming at people Shia Labeouf style.

What kind of art speaks to you the most?
Anything which shows ‘icing on the cake’ – overworked, to the point where most wouldn’t notice the detail. I’m a sucker for hidden messages.

Devin Johnson