Devin Johnson

There. Hear. Near.

There. Here. Near. 2018

Digital Canvas Print, 70“ x 62”

Displayed at the Museum of Boulder’s Opening Show, which borrowed the work title ‘There. Here. Near.’

70 years ago marked two important events in the timeline of artificial intelligence; the ‘Birth of Software’ with the first electronically-stored computer program, and the publication of Cybernetics by Norbert Weiner. These events laid the groundwork for a new consciousness which exerts a growing influence in our everyday lives. This triptych of images explores the relationship of movement, sustainable technology, and ethics within the city of Boulder from the year 1948 through to today, and forward in time though the lens of our most recent advances in AI neural networks.

Sustainable Energy:

Left: Valmont Generating Station, Coal burning from 1924 – 2017 to power Boulder and the surrounding area, photographed 8/28/2015 by Carol Jacobs-Carre, Creative Commons BY-NC-ND, Derivative permission given.
Right: NREL PV Array at the National Wind Technology Center in Boulder, CO. 7/25/2013, US Department of Energy, Public Domain

Historical Ethics:

Left: Students listen to an address by Eleanor Roosevelt broadcasted onto the lawn of the Macky Auditorium, 1955, University of Colorado at Boulder Digital Library, Public Domain
Right: Panorama of 420 cannabis event at Norlin Quadrangle, University of Colorado at Boulder, 2010, Wikimedia Commons, user Buickid, Creative Commons 0, Public Domain


Left: Boulder Colorado Aerial Photograph BOW 1-19, Date: 5/8/1938, US Forest Service, Public Domain
Right: Boulder Colorado Satellite Image, Date: 2/9/2017, USDA-FSA-APFO, Public Domain

Devin Johnson