Devin Johnson


24″ x 63″ Digital Prints on Canvas

This triptych was generated from research concerning the collaborative public art project, The SpaceTime Underpass, which will bring the topography of asteroid 4 Vesta to an underpass at CU Boulder near the Fiske Planetarium.

Originally captured by NASA’s Dawn Spacecraft, these images of asteroid 4 Vesta were transmitted to Earth over a distance of 155 million miles. As an artist interested in data transmission and image translation through multiple mediums, I rebroadcasted these photographs 50 feet between the underpass and a nearby model of the Earth, which is part of a scale model solar system already on site.

The images were transmitted with a speaker and microphone using Slow-Scan Television (SSTV) protocols over audible frequency ranges, thus incorporating the natural sound present at CU Boulder into each image as digital artifacts.

Special Thanks to: Bruce Price, Wyvern Aldinger, BMoCA

Transmissivity 1: Aelia Crater, false-color composite image showing material flow from impact.

Transmissivity 2: Snowman, three craters in northern hemisphere. ‘True-color’ image composite

Transmissivity 3: Antonia Crater, false-color composite showing spectral diversity of mineral deposits.

Installation at The Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, November 2017

100% Detail Crop:

Devin Johnson